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The ultimate Home Watch Interview Guide™

This resource is a tool for homeowners to leverage when they interview Home Watch companies and also evaluate the current Home Watch provider they are currently working with.  Please use this information as a resource to best protect your home while you are not in residence.  The information compiled in this book is based on years of experience and stories with the goal of providing the homeowner with the tools to ask the right questions.

Three Steps to Finding the Best Home Watch Professional

Step 1

Read The Ultimate Home Watch Interview Guide

Learn what questions to ask and the answers you should expect. This valuable information will help you make an informed decision.

Step 2

Visit the IHWA Member Directory

You can search by State, City, Zip Code, or any keyword to be directed to IHWA  Members who serve your community.

Step 3

Interview a few Home Watch Professionals

Ask the right questions. Make sure they are a match for you and your seasonal home. Hire whoever you click with the best.
Professional Home Watch is a true partnership between the homeowner and Home Watch Reporter.