Home Watch Conference 2019
Program Highlights

Friday, October 25

Go for Growth

Are you a seasoned Home Watch Professional?
Are you ready to scale and grow your business to the next level?
Did you know that only 4% of the 30 million businesses in the USA have sales over $1m and +5 employees?
Want to learn what it takes to scale your business and to join the 4% Club?
Why? Because what got you here, won’t get you there!

Presented by Business Growth Architect, Karl M. Gibbons, founder, and CEO of TEMA (Third Eye Management & Associates).

A Foot in the Door is Better than a Foot in Your Mouth

You cannot make a sale unless you get the appointment. That’s when the real challenge begins. 8 of 10 salespeople are uncomfortable asking the prospect to make a buying decision? 40% of your sales opportunities aren’t lost to your competitors, but by the prospect making a “deferred” decision – that means your presentation wasn’t compelling enough. A massive 76% of prospects found no real value in the salesperson’s presentation. No value means NO sale! When you are presenting to the homeowner, the right words will close the sale, and the wrong words will kill the deal.
Presented by Diane Pisani, Your Home Watch Professionals Training and Resources

YOU – As Seen On TV

Are you ready for Prime Time?The worst thing that can happen is you are on TV or a Video, and you mess up. Years ago, it would have been quickly forgotten, but in this day and age, it is online in minutes and lives on the internet forever! Mess up, and you and your business are the focus of never-ending ridicule.Frank Cipolla, of Contacts Media, is a forty-year TV news pro, author and media expert coach who has tips to help you look and perform your best. Learn how to stand, what you do and say, even what different colors convey to the viewer. Don’t become an internet sensation for the wrong reasons!

The United States of Disaster

Ice in the North. Mold in the South. Storms in the East. Fire in the West. Learn what a Home Watch Reporter needs to be aware of and how to spot the early signs of damage, no matter where you are.
Presented by Brian Bland, Owner/Operator of iMold, LLC and IHWA Champion Sponsor.

Success Leaves Clues

They purchased Home Watch businesses with low visit prices and learned how to raise rates and say good-bye to bad business. Discover how they increased sales by 300% in two years, and leveraged concierge services add to the bottom line. Learn the real-life methods from Home Watch Professionals who have been there – done that. This panel discussion will open your eyes to the possibilities.

Are You Leveraging Technology ToIts Fullest?

Documentation and proper reporting are more vital than ever. Randy Martin, Founder of Quick Report Systems – QRIDit Home Watch Edition Software will fill you in on newest developments in the world of software and exciting features of QRIDit. Randy is a true innovator in the world of Home Watch as well as a valued IHWA advisor. His commitment to our profession is unsurpassed.

Saturday, October 26

What – When – How – Where – Who

The IHWA is YOUR organization. Speak Up and Share. This is the opportunity to voice your opinion and make suggestions. Bring your questions and wish list to share with the IHWA Board and Advisory Team.

Accountable Accounting

Can you read your P&L and Balance Sheet? What is the difference, and why are they important? Learn the key business metrics you need to monitor. If you are buying a business, how do you know if it is worth what they are asking? How do you account for things that aren’t paid for with company money? Are you deducting legitimate items? Mike Russo of Less Taxing Services,will teach small business owners what they need and present in an educational, even entertaining manner.

They Will Hack You

You may be a victim of internet crime or unintentionally compromise your client’s private information. Carrie Kerskie is a highly sought-after national speaker, author, and consultant on the topics of identity theft, fraud, and data privacy as well as the author of Your Public Identity; Because Nothing is Private Anymore. You will be amazed by what you do not know that can hurt you and your clients!

They Will Sue You

Anyone can sue you. At anytime. For Anything. Attorney and IHWA Advisor, Todd Allen, has successfully won a 6-figure settlement AGAINST a Home Watch company. He will tell you what it is like to be on the receiving end of the wrath of a ruthless attorney. This presentation alone is “worth the price of a ticket.” All you need is one pearl of wisdom that keeps you out of court!

The Right Insurance Will Protect You

Risk Management is the most important aspect of your business. Not all Home Watch Insurance is created equal. Learninsurance terms and jargon so you can better understand your own policy. Do not be exposed!

“When good people come together with a noble cause, great things happen.”

Water warrior and environmental evangelist, Johnny Georges is famous for his appearance on Shark Tank (Season 5 Episode7) rated by Inc. Magazine as the #1 Shark Tank episode of all time! Learn how the founder of the Tree-T-Pee story not only resonated with the Sharks and secured him an investment from John Paul DeJoria, but with people across America. Within 24 hours of his appearance on Shark Tank, he had received more than 56,000 emails. He sold thousands of Tree T-Pees that night and grew from a one-man business in Arcadia, Florida to a global powerhouse. Johnny is changing the world and he will impact your life too.

Home Watch Hoedown Dinner and Show

After two days of hard work and getting some of the best education in our profession, get ready for great food, some fun and entertainment. Jimmy Keys is an International Musical, Comedy Entertainer. He delivers a high-energy, must-see, variety show packed with comedy, visual musical impressions and favorite Broadway songs wrapped around some of the most exciting piano playing you will ever witness. Jimmy has captivated audiences around the globe and has opened for such stars as Willie Nelson, Tom Jones, Huey Lewis, and Wynona Judd.