Difference Between Damage and Disaster

Dec 15, 2019 -- Posted by : admin


The Difference Between Damage and Disaster

“Better sooner than later.” In the world of home watch, it is the duty of the home watch provider to conduct a comprehensive check of the home of the seasonal resident. A Home Watch Professional is trained to notice damage in the early stages and to take appropriate steps to keep it from becoming a disaster.

Professionals know that a discolored grout line in the bathroom floor tile could be an indication of a water leak from the toilet or shower. A baseboard, separated ever so slightly from the wall, can mean moisture starting to soak that area. Temperature or humidity not properly set and checked can lead to a catastrophe whether the home is in a southern or northern climate.

Seasonal homeowners are also a part of the team.  They need to alert their home watcher if there is a fluctuation in the energy or water bill as this too can be a sign of something that is irregular or malfunctioning.

It is not a matter of if something will happen. It is a matter of when and how quickly it is discovered and resolved.

It is all about the homeowner working together with their home watcher, being aware of what can happen and take care of it; sooner rather than later.


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