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Welcome to the International Home Watch Alliance™

Home Watch has certainly had an evolution in the past decade.  Neighbors Doing Favors evolved to Hobby Home Watchers. Once training and accreditation became available, some hobbyists became Professional Home Watchers.  But, the industry remains fragmented.

It is time for a professional association that focuses on the big picture to take the lead and share the message with seasonal residents, the insurance industry, real estate professionals, and every trade that interacts with people who own multiple homes.

The IHWA exists because the need is there for home watchers throughout the US and Canada, and beyond, to communicate a consistent message and to be part of a group that adheres to the highest professional standards.  You have told us what is important to you and the founding team, at the IHWA, listened; and we will continue to listen as we build on our strong foundation and grow.

2019 is the Year of the Game-Changer.  If you are a home watch business owner, ready to change the game for your business and be part of a group dedicated to taking Home Watch from a profession to an industry, this is the organization for you.  


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