The International Home Watch Alliance™ (IHWA) offers a myriad of tools to leverage as a member of the Alliance.

Membership is available to ‘Real Deal’ Home Watch companies.  ‘Real Deal’ as defined by the IHWA are organizations that are committed to delivering the highest quality Home Watch visit to clients.  These organizations have the proper business set-up and also possesses the knowledge and expertise to properly perform Home Watch visits for clients.

In order to recognize the competency level of Home Watch Professionals, the IHWA has launched the Home Watch Foundation certification test leading to the designation of being a Certified Home Watch Professional. This certification demonstrates that Home Watch Professional has the baseline understanding of how to properly perform a high-quality home watch visit.

As an accredited member organization of the IHWA, your company will be recognized as meeting the requirements of the alliance as well as having access to tools and resources to leverage to further promote the Home Watch industry and your organization.

Other benefits include access to professional development offered in various forums throughout the year.  This includes events,  in-person meetings, webinars, and thought leadership activities.