The International Home Watch Alliance™ welcomes Home Watch business owners and their team members to an organization,  dedicated to your success.

Home Watch remains unregulated and requires no specific licensure.  Many people promoting their Home Watch company do not have a registered business, are untrained, not insured or bonded.  We refer to them as Hobby Home Watchers.  These are sometimes well-meaning individuals, but they are also the ones who may cause damage or take advantage of the seasonal homeowner.

The IHWA is the place for the seasonal homeowner to learn about Home Watch when they download The Ultimate Home Watch Interview Guide.  The IHWA Member Directory is the place to locate a member company serving their community.

Membership is available to the companies to ‘Real Deal’ Home Watch companies.  ‘Real Deal,’ as defined by the IHWA, are businesses committed to delivering the highest quality Home Watch visit to clients.  These organizations have the proper business structure and possess the knowledge and expertise to perform exceptional Home Watch visits.

Members earn the designation of IHWA Certified Home Watch Reporter when they successfully pass the exam that demonstrates their proficiency in conducting visits as well as overall business knowledge and best practices.